yesterday was one for spontaneity.

the weather was warm, our schedules were open, and there were two days left in the long weekend…providing ample recovery time. 

with this in mind, i pulled together an itinerary for our long overdue photo booth bar crawl with a little help from photobooth.netand nick and i hit the streets…drinking shoes on and props in hand. 

it was too much fun. our crawl took us to a couple of places we normally wouldn’t find ourselves…the long room on irving park, village tap on roscoe, rainbo club on damen, and the double door. there were a few other locales on our list we didn’t end up making it to…but there’s always next time

i love the look of the photos from village tap (strip one) and the long room (strip two). it’s safe to say this won’t be our last time stopping in for a drink and quick trip to the photo booth

  1. aotakesonchicago said: what an amazing idea!!!
  2. writemywayout said: I used to love the rainbo club when I lived over there.
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