bruised: jack’s mannequin

musically, i’ve been on a little bit of a throwback kick this week. specifically, junior year…circa oh-five. sometimes i forget how good certain albums are. this album is great. and i love how music has the ability to just bring you back…pick you up and drop you down in moments past. maybe moments you didn’t even realize you remembered until you heard those few chords…those few lyrics… 

…sometimes perfection can be…can be perfect hell…

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    I just realized I finally stopped counting…..
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    this is one of my favorite JM songs :)
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    andrew mcmahon is just one of those people that can see right into your soul and write a song about it.
  5. shewantstohearshesbeautiful said: I think we are music soul mates. Young the Giant AND Jack’s Mannequin. Music, like smells, always bring me back to a certain moment in time.
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